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Iowa's Area Education Agencies provide services to every public and accredited non-public school in Iowa.

Coordinating workshops, courses, materials, and ongoing consultation for area educators and support staff.

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This year alone, thousands of educators have participated in courses or workshops offered by one of Iowa's nine AEAs.

What Are AEAs?

We make sure all students have lifelong access to high-quality educational opportunities and resources. We also provide a trove of tools for educators to grow professionally and reach students. Learn more about what AEAs do every day!

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People are saying...

Picture of Tricia Krsek – Parent

"Lauren's motor skills and hearing were tested from the very beginning through the AEA to make sure she was where she needed to be. It was amazing not only to have that service available, but to have them able to come to my home. As a mother of a preemie you're very aware of your little baby's environment, and I was so grateful to have the home visits instead of having to take Lauren to another facility for the screenings."

Tricia Krsek – Parent

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9 AEAs serving all 99 counties.

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