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Iowa Leadership Academy


The Iowa School Leadership Academy will give school leadership teams in-depth strategies and guidance from McREL’s research- and evidence-based knowledge sets of Balanced Leadership, What Matters Most, and Curiosity Works.

School districts are encouraged to consider bringing a team(s) of 3-6 leaders who can learn and work collaboratively around the presented course content and be willing to engage in this work within their respective districts. Cost is $400 per person. The first 200 members of SAI who register will receive a $50 discount on registration. This course meets the requirements for Evaluator Approval II. Please be sure to sign up for this certification during the registration process.

SAI Members: $350 per member

Iowa Leadership Academy – Balanced Leadership

Non-SAI Members: $400 per member

Iowa Leadership Academy – Balanced Leadership

Session 1

  • CENTRAL (DMACC Student Center, Ankeny): June 17-18, 2019
  • EAST (Central Rivers AEA, Cedar Falls): June 19-20, 2019
  • WEST (Fort Dodge): June 24-25, 2019

Balancing leadership for better school performance

This initial session will center on the link between specific school leadership practices with higher student achievement. Learn how to balance leadership roles of articulating a vision, building cohesive teams, objectively analyzing performance, and clarifying expectations and driving performance.

Session 2

  • CENTRAL (DMACC FFA Center, Ankeny): Aug. 5-6, 2019
  • EAST (Central Rivers AEA, Cedar Falls): Aug. 7-8, 2019
  • WEST (Fort Dodge): Aug. 12-13, 2019

Focusing on the right work

Even strong school leaders can have a negative effect on student achievement if they don’t focus on the right improvement efforts. This session will explore the What Matters Most pathways to assess where your own school is, and identify key next steps for improvement. Learn how to design inquiry-based professional learning that really change the professional practice of your teachers.

Session 3

  • CENTRAL (DMACC Student Center, Ankeny): Oct. 8, 2019
  • EAST (Central Rivers AEA, Cedar Falls): Oct. 9, 2019
  • WEST (Fort Dodge, Sioux City): Oct. 10, 2019

Inspiring and leading change

Any change worth making will require your staff to alter behaviors, routines, and habits which often leads people to resist the change. This session will help your team achieve better results by anticipating and managing obstacles to change.

Session 4

  • CENTRAL (DMACC Student Center, Ankeny): Jan. 14, 2020
  • EAST (Central Rivers AEA, Cedar Falls): Jan. 15, 2020
  • WEST (Fort Dodge): Jan. 16, 2020

Developing a purposeful community

When school communities coalesce around shared purposes, they are more likely to sustain change and momentum. In this highly interactive session, you’ll engage in hands-on activities that promote deep understanding of the importance of creating a purposeful community.

Iowa is ranked first nationally with a 91.2% graduation rate.