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AEA OneClick

Save Instruction Time With Single Sign-On!

AEA OneClick imageYou can end the painful login process and save valuable instruction time when you give teachers and students single sign-on access to critical instructional resources with AEA OneClick!

Easy to implement, this resource gives teachers and students across the state consistent single sign-on access to critical digital resources provided by Iowa’s AEAs. Managed entirely by Iowa AEAs, AEA OneClick is also a low-maintenance solution for school administrators—no on-site district management is required to use this high-impact resource.

Demand is high to fit as much instruction time into the school day as possible. Discover how single sign-on can ensure students spend their class time learning, not struggling to log into and use digital tools. With easy access to digital resources, educators regain lost instruction time and bell-to-bell learning becomes a reality.

What Can You Access?

Through AEA OneClick, teachers and students use one password to securely access systems such as:

  • AEA Digital Resources
  • AEA Professional Learning Registration System
  • AEA Scout
  • Student Personalized Learning System
  • Clearinghouse for Work-based Learning

Want to Know More?

This tutorial will show you how your district could implement AEA OneClick.

How Do I Get AEA OneClick for My District?

For more information on how to get your district set up with AEA OneClick, contact Blake Meling, Project Manager.
Teachers and administrators report that they need additional help from Iowa's AEAs with student behavior and mental health challenges. We are rising to the occasion with innovative programs and services designed to support them.