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Supporting Mental Health in Iowa Schools

This website is a collaboration of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies and was built and maintained through funding from the Iowa Legislature. Iowa’s AEAs are committed to supporting schools in promoting healthy learning environments that address the social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health well-being of students. Well-being is a sustainable state of positive mood and attitude, resilience, and satisfaction with self, relationships, and experiences. When these supports are in place, students typically have fewer disciplinary issues, can focus more on school work, and develop skills that translate to a life well-lived.

The employees of Iowa’s AEAs are experts in their respective fields and are passionate about helping children of all abilities achieve their potential. We work with families and providers together to identify and address specific family concerns and priorities, as they relate to the child’s overall growth and development.

Contact AEA Staff
If you have any questions about AEA services or concerns with your child’s development, the staff at the AEA are always happy to help.
Find my AEA

Early Childhood Growth and Development
Iowa’s AEAs help families, childcare providers, teachers and administrators as they support every child’s development starting at birth.
Early Childhood Growth and Development

Getting Started with Special Education
If you believe that a child or student may be in need of special education services, we are here to assist you! Iowa’s AEAs serve students from birth to the age of 21.
Getting Started with Special Education

IEP/IFSP Support
Tips for understanding the Individualized Education Program/Individualized Family Service Plan (IEP/IFSP) process.
Where to Get IEP/IFSP Support

Transition to Adulthood
Resources for families, teachers, and students that support the transition to life after high school, in the areas of living, learning and working.
Transition to Adulthood

An independent survey of educators conducted by the Hanover Group showed that schools trust Iowa’s AEAs as agents of change.