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COVID-19 Resources

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies are here for you

As the world around us is social distancing and the vast majority of Iowa schools are providing voluntary education enrichment activities, we wanted to assure families that Iowa’s AEAs are still here to support you. The AEA system is connecting with districts to support students with disabilities and aligning our work with each district’s specific continuous learning plan.  

  • Iowa’s AEAs have partnered with the Department of Education to develop electronic and print enrichment opportunities to support districts and families. Additional resources are available through AEA staff assigned to districts, as needed, and can be requested by school staff or families. 
  • AEA staff are collaborating with educators and connecting with families to address questions, adapt activities, provide additional activities, demonstrate strategies, and help problem solve.  

For more information regarding supports available in your area, please contact your AEA.

99% of educators surveyed report that they are satisfied with school library personnel program support.