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Our Goals

By 2018, every child who graduates from an Iowa pre-K-12 public or non-public accredited school will be prepared for success in post-secondary studies, a career, and citizenship.

  1. Every Iowa child will be proficient in reading by the end of third grade.
  2. A numeracy goal will be determined after sufficient progress has been made in reaching the literacy goal.
  3. The learning gaps between students with Individualized Education Plans and those without and for those students in disaggregated sub-groups will be reduced by half by 2018.
  4. A post-secondary readiness goal will be established by 2014 that most accurately identifies and tracks post-secondary success.

As a system, Iowa’s Area Education Agencies will:

  1. Provide supports and accountability for implementation of evidence-based, internationally benchmarked, and scalable best practices in all Iowa schools.
  2. Promote implementation of the Iowa Core while remaining unwavering in our commitment to identify and serve special needs populations.
  3. Advocate that the current AEA accreditation standards be revised so that they are consistent with the New Compact.
  4. Deliver specialized, quality services based on individual student, building, and district needs through a learning contract with each LEA that specifies each partner’s reciprocal responsibilities to increase student learning.
  5. Re-purpose resources from programs that are not aligned with our overarching goal and vital few measures and/or not delivering consistent student learning results.
  6. Build the collective, organizational capacity of AEA personnel to deliver quality services as co-owners of every student’s learning and to decrease variability between AEAs.
  7. Maximize our resources. This will include mobilization of collaborative partnerships across all AEAs and with other educational partners, establishment of consortia of AEAs as appropriate, exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities, application of quality management techniques, and establishment of practices consistent with highly reliable organizations.
AEA Learning Online issued 2,922 graduate credits to educators in 2016-2017.