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AEA OneClick

Save Instruction Time With Single Sign-On!

AEA OneClickYou can make the login process easier and more secure and save valuable instruction time when you give teachers and students single sign-on access to critical instructional resources with AEA OneClick!

Easy to implement, this resource gives teachers and students across the state consistent single sign-on access to digital resources and systems provided by Iowa’s AEAs. Managed entirely by Iowa AEAs, AEA OneClick (powered by ClassLink) is also a low-maintenance solution for school administrators—no on-site district management is required to use this high-impact resource.

Demand is high to fit as much instruction time into the school day as possible. Discover how single sign-on can ensure students spend their class time learning, not struggling to log into and use digital tools. With easy access to digital resources, educators regain lost instruction time and bell-to-bell learning becomes a reality.

What Can You AAEA OneClick imageccess?

Through AEA OneClick, teachers and students use one password to securely access systems such as:

  • AEA Digital Resources
  • AEA Professional Learning Registration System
  • AEA Scout
  • Student Personalized Learning System
  • Clearinghouse for Work-based Learning

Want to Know More?

This tutorial will show you how your district could implement AEA OneClick.

How Do I Get AEA OneClick for My District?

For more information on how to get your district set up with AEA OneClick, complete this AEA OneClick District Set-up Request form.
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