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AEA Digital Resources

Educational Enrichment Opportunities

Iowa’s AEAs collaborate with the following agencies and organizations to provide access to educational enrichment opportunities for students, parents and educators.

High-Quality, No-Cost Resources for School & Home!

Iowa’s AEAs provide Iowa students and educators with no-cost access to 16 high-quality, vetted digital resources. The resources are available anytime, anywhere!


Check out these recorded sessions by library/media staff from Iowa’s AEAs to learn more about AEA Digital Resources and ideas to use them for student learning.

Webinar series

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Copyright Information

It’s easy to copy a DVD or music file, scan an image, transfer digital files, photocopy, stream video, etc. But how do you know if the copying is legal? Check out the resource below to help you understand more about copyright laws and your rights and responsibilities as users of copyrighted information. The teacher version includes the same content as for students along with information on digital content and virtual learning, copyright permissions, and more.

AEA Iowa Copyright Briefnotes – Students

AEA Iowa Copyright Briefnotes – Student Flipbook Version

AEA Iowa Copyright Briefnotes – Teachers

AEA Iowa Copyright Briefnotes – Teachers Flipbook Version

Need a quick reference? Look at this Copyright Decision tree.

Copyright Decision Tree Poster
Copyright Decision Tree



Want Additional Resources?

These resources also may be helpful families and educators.

IowasAEAs SecondarySpecial Education Supports for Schools


Iowa Department of Education logo

Iowa Department of Education


Iowa PBS logo

Iowa PBS


IRRC logoIowa Reading Research Center


Iowa STEM logoIowa STEM


In 2017, it is estimated that schools saved over $11.3 million as a result of AEA Purchasing’s programs.