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AEA Scout

AEA Scout blockOne login. One search. One interface.

AEA Scout is an online portal that houses many of the digital resources provided by Iowa’s AEAs such as AEA Digital Library, Britannica School, Gale and MackinVia. Students benefit from a one-stop-shop for their research needs. Teachers can rest easy knowing their students are searching the quality, curated content they’ve come to know and trust.

What Makes AEA Scout Special?

With AEA Scout, students have the ability to dig deeper in their quest for information. A wide variety of sources of information in multiple formats will be at their fingertips when they search AEA Scout. This new way of information gathering also encourages students’ curiosity and builds a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Single sign-on to one interface

  • Login once to search multiple sources on one site

Quality digital content 

  • Curated content from recognized publishers and producers
  • Videos, articles, documents, ebooks, audiobooks, photos, charts, graphs and more 

Predictive functions 

  • The more students search, the smarter and more customized the results become
  • Suggested materials based on usage and interest 

Personalized learning experience 

  • Create a folder for each class or assignment 
  • Teachers can share resources and notes with specific students 
  • Highlight, underline, take and share notes in one place 

For all learners 

  • Translate text to different languages 
  • Most digital text is read-aloud 
  • Closed-captioned video 
  • Change text size and font 
  • Change the background color for higher contrast

Scout Terms of Use

Video Tutorials for Using AEA Scout

Introduction to AEA Scout

An introduction to the features and capabilities of AEA Scout.

Logging In

Log in using the new IdentAEA system. Contact your school’s teacher librarian or AEA consultant if you need assistance.

Recent & Recommendations

  • AEA Scout Home Page:
  • Recently Viewed
  • Recommended Resources
Searching for Resources

  • Filter search
  • Keyword search suggestions
  • Phrase search using “ “
  • Title search
  • Limit to full text
Creating & Organizing Folders

  • Create folders, subfolders
  • Organize
  • Color code
  • Favorites
Managing Resources Within Folders

  • Moving resources
  • Duplicating contents of a folder
  • Searching for folder
  • Searching for saved resource
  • Removing resources
Customizing the Display

Change screen display:

  • Background
  • Text density
  • Font style, size, color
Tools Within AEA Scout

  • Translate
  • Read Aloud
  • Dictionary
  • Annotate
  • Cite
  • Download
  • Save to Cloud (coming soon)
  • Print
Translation Features

  • Translation
  • Read aloud
 Taking Notes

  • Take note
  • Add URL in notes
  • Change font, size, etc.
  • Search notes
Adding Contacts

  • Create contacts & groups
  • Use template to create contacts & groups
 Sharing Resources

  • Sharing resources using a persistent link
  • Sharing folder
  • Finding shared resources
  • Notifications
Embedding AEA Scout into PowerSchool

Embedding AEA Scout into Canvas

Embedding AEA Scout into Schoology

Research Guides for SIRS Researcher

Educator Vision for AEA Scout

Teachers, instructional coaches and administrators can use Scout to help align instructional strategies to the Iowa Core Standards.

Instructional Concept/Skill

Instructional Concept/Skill

What does that look like in AEA Scout?

Supporting Science Instruction


Explore the ways AEA Scout supports science instruction and student learning: small groups, finding and exploring phenomena, hybrid learning options, career exploration and more. Includes examples of using the playlist instructional framework to scaffold and to increase student voice and choice. Recording (21 mins.)
Supporting Social Studies Instruction Explore the ways AEA Scout supports Iowa social studies standards that emphasize the inquiry-driven model. Learning is organized around compelling questions. Learn about background information, source types, student research, primary sources and how students can look at resources and build their own informed opinions. Link to slides. Recording (22 mins.)
Supporting English/Language Arts Instruction Explore how AEA Scout can support English/Language Arts and literacy by providing background information, exploring themes or driving questions or searching for supporting information. Includes overviews of linking to the LMS, notetaking, critical reading tools and more. Recording (10 mins.)
Supporting Exceptional Learners Provides scaffolding and enrichment ideas to support exceptional learners such as English learners, talented and gifted and struggling students and their intersectionality. Also demonstrated is how AEA Scout supports the MTSS framework. Recording (12 mins.)


99% of educators surveyed report that they are satisfied with AEA graphic design, specialty print and audio/video production services.